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Today we bring you an old friend by the name of Ashley Alvarado. The funny, dedicated, enthusiastic and outgoing, Ashley Alvarado, is a product of Worcester, MA with a huge passion for modeling and fashion!

 This photoshoot was unplanned. We took a long walk in the COLD city and made 'it' happen.

Check out how we made 'it' happen in the world's most versatile fabric.   









**Advice while shooting in the cold: If you have a car, a spare key and heat in your car, KEEP THE CAR ON. LOCK THE DOORS. Take heat breaks when it gets too cold. VERY EFFECTIVE!**

Ashley will be sending her talent to Miami Florida! Although this will not be the last time we will be working with Ashley, she will be missed greatly!  #teardrop

Moving forward.....

We saw a cool wall and said WHY NOT!

After 33 shots in the same spot, 3 images came out looking cool.............Not too bad! "Check out them bunnies though!"  ^^

Then we get serious.

Until next time....

Thank you!




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1. W 34th St. New York, NY

(December 30,2014)

In 2014, we spent a lot of time shooting weddings and personal portraits for families and high school students in their senior year. We realized that although these shoots were quite fun, there was more, that we were around, that needed to be captured. This year we bring our blog to life and we hope that you will enjoy this journey that we plan to take you on.

What do you associate with New York? 

iAssociate three things to New York

  1. Taxis
  2. Busy People
  3. Nice Clothes
  4. NYPD

At 3:38pm,  I decided to walk down one of the busiest streets in NY, West 34th Street. Although it was VERY cold, I could not resist the action on this ONE street and the many cool faces I would encounter.

The first thing that popped out to me was a MOVING human statue. This statue had a grin on its face and directed his focus onto my camera. HAHA. He pointed across the street from where we were intersected 

and gave me a pose.....

and he stayed that way...

I WAITED for him to give me another pose but then I remembered what he was.... A human statue. THANK YOU HUMAN STATE FOR THESE AWSOME SHOTS ON W. 34TH ST @4:18pm. You are the REAL MVP.

I then find a nearby store...

The Empire State Building....

I then move towards Madison Square Guarden...

I saw something really depressing in front of Madison Square Garden. A homeless man..... He had a dog wrapped in a blanket.... The people walked by this man like he was invisible. Someones son, father, cousin, uncle, in front of Madison Square Garden as an "invisible" man begging for money.  People complemented how cute his dog was and kept it moving. 

i gave him something and went on my way. God be with him and his dog.

i gave him something and went on my way. God be with him and his dog.

While sitting on the curb of this side walk, a police officer asked "HEY, want a police officer in your portfolio?" I said, "WHY NOT?"

 a nice group that wanted a picture as well..

I learned three things that day. 

  1. Taxi drivers are rude,
  2. i would rather capture an image of a BMW than a NY taxi. lol
  3. People love to take photos in NY. if it were not so cold, this post will have a lot more images.