We want to capture your Weddings and Portraits.

----ABOUT US----

           It is 2007. 2 sets of brothers meet. Both set of brothers have a lot in common. Brothers become best friends. Brothers pick up camera NewGenn Photography is created.

          Our goal is to continue to reflect our uniqueness to world (insert smiley face emoji). We will work to influence and impact the growing generations. As trends grow and morph, we will stand the test of time as we continue to create, innovate, and inspire in the fields of music, photography, video, and every future platform in which NewGenn expands.

Say Hi to..


Emmanuel is our main photographer who adds a magic touch onto all of our portraits and wedding imagery. Call him "Manny". He is a graduate from Bridgewater State University and currently works as a full time Family Care Provider he also works as a videographer with VH1 Save the Music. From shooting to editing and everything in between, Manny brings out the absolute best in every image he touches.


Samuel is one of our photographers and videographers. He makes any process on site and in studio easy and enjoyable. With a degree in Electrical Engineering from UMass Lowell and an extensive amount of experience behind the lens, he is a great asset to the team.

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Justice is another one of our photographers and videographers. He is such a creative and passionate member of the team with an amazing eye behind the lens. He also runs NewGenn Sounds which provides services for Live sound and lights. 

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Junior is our team accountant. With a degree in Accounting from Worcester State University, his knowledge is a great asset to the team. He also runs NewGenn Music which provides services for studio and live performances. 

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